How to Pick a Cooling Tower: Comparing Open and Closed Loop Towers

“Would my project be better served by an open loop cooling tower or a closed loop cooling tower?”

It’s a question that anyone in the early stages of designing a hydronic system that requires heat rejection is certain to ask. The answer is partly intuitive but also based o…

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Cooling Tower and Condenser Water Design Part 3: Understanding Tonnage, Range, and Approach

Last time we talked about the impact that the wet bulb temperature has on cooling tower performance. In summary, it’s harder to evaporate water into air that’s already wet. (I.e. The higher the wet bulb, the harder a cooling tower has to work to evaporate enough water to maintain set points.) In this blog, we’re going to define what those set points are, how cooling towers are rated, and finally how these factors impact the cooling tower size and operation for a given application.
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Cooling Tower and Condenser Water Design Part 2: The Impact of Wet Bulb on Cooling Tower Performance

How do you evaluate the performance of a cooling tower? What factors impact how effective a cooling tower will be in a given application? To get to the bottom of either of these questions – which are essential questions to ask when sizing a cooling tower – it’s important to understand the impact of the ambient wet bulb temperature on cooling tower performance.
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