We Are, Therefore We BLOG

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By Chad Edmondson

Our moment has arrived!  JMP is officially blogging!

I say “our moment” because the concept of blogging fits in so well with what we, at JMP, are already known for:  Educating our customers.  

For decades our continuing education seminars have provided consistent, qualified, and cost-free training for those who specify and install mechanical HVAC and plumbing equipment.  Now the door to all that education swings a bit more freely via our blog.  Here you’ll find lots of easily digestible information about hydronic heating and cooling systems, pressure pump systems, heat transfer systems, condensing water systems, pump application, boiler control and application, and much more.  

Not into blogs yourself?  No worries.  We’ll still be hosting seminars just like before.  The blog simply gives us another venue to connect with our customers.  Expect bite-size educational pieces, similar to some of the information you might encounter during our seminars, as well as other news and commentary that is relevant to our industry.

Just remember, even if blogs aren’t your thing, they probably are for all those youngsters (30 and under) you are hiring or will be hiring in the future.  Trust us.  They’ll get it, and they appreciate it.  So help us spread the word.

That brings me to the final point of this first ceremonious posting.  Information is a 2-way street.  If we’re not making this blog interesting to our customers, then we aren’t doing it right. So please tell us how we can make it better.  Share your comments and suggestions in the space below, or contact me directly (chade@jmpco.com).  We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

Chad Edmondson
Marketing Manager