Introducing the NEW JMP Study Hall!

By Chad Edmondson

Happy New Year and welcome to the newly launched JMP Study Hall!

In the spirit of the New Year, we are excited to unveil the brand new look--and name--of our blog.  We hope that you’ll find this new design much easier to navigate and will appreciate the direct access it gives to all our channels for HVAC education.

We are committed to making this blog the web’s best technical resource for commercial HVAC professionals. The JMP Study Hall is a place where HVAC contractors, engineers, and other mechanical professionals can come to:

  • Troubleshoot systems problems
  • Explore design requirements and options
  • And keep up with the latest relevant codes and standards.

Most importantly, you can do so at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or office. 

More Organized Than Ever!

Not only does the website look better, it’s much more organized.  Blog content is separated by categories shown at the top navigation, as well as chronologically on the home page. In addition, we’ve added landing pages for each of our multi-blog Series, like How To Read A Pump Curve and Understanding Primary and Secondary Pumping.

We’ve also added a links (shown at the top and bottom navigation) that take visitors directly to a library of all of our YouTube video seminars and our upcoming live seminars.

Sign Up NOW to Receive Blog Updates

Already the site contains hundreds of articles on everything from Hydronic Balancing to Expansion Tank Sizing and we’re adding more each week.  You can sign up to receive blog updates and other information by going to our Contact Us page.

The JMP Study Hall is about learning – not about sales.  You’ll find the articles to be very brand neutral and applicable to most commercial HVAC and plumbing systems.   However, if you are interested in learning more about JMP and the manufacturers we represent, feel free to hop over to the JMP company website.

Let us know what you think!  We welcome your comments and appreciate your feedback.

Here’s to a happy and well-educated 2016!