Commercial Sewage Lift Stations Part 4 - Pump Types and Control Requirements

 Pumps used in commercial sewage lift stations come in a variety of types (effluents, grinders, etc.)  To determine which type is right for your application you must answer two questions:

  1. What size solids will have to be pumped?
  2. What is the size of the discharge pipe?
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Designing Commercial Sewage Lift Stations Part 1: How To Determine Flow Rate

By Chris Edmondson

Sometimes codes just aren’t very helpful.  Take Section 712.4.2 of the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and its insight into the selecting flow capacity for a sewage and ejector pumps:

712.4.2 Capacity. A sewage pump or sewage ejector shall have the capacity and head for the application requirements.

(Thanks, IPC….)

Clearly, having the proper flow is necessary to efficiently discharge wastewater from a commercial plumbing system – but how do you determine the flow rate for the sewage system so you can properly size the pump? 

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